About Xotic Guitars & Effects


For nearly 20 years, Xotic has been a leading innovator in sound, design, and tone.

The roots of Xotic go back to a small garage in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California, back in 1996. The one man company began by producing and designing high-quality bass guitars and bass preamps. Xotic Basses needed a feature that set them apart from the competition and thus the Tri-Logic Bass Preamp, that was built-in to the basses, was created.

By 1998, Xotic's low profile side project donned a new innovative and creative invention. The Robotalk 1 was designed as the first pedal to be created and it was yet to even be called Xotic, it was simply an ultra-boutique pedal, made from scratch, in limited quantities. It also set a precedent that remains with Xotic today! All pedals created are to be constructed with premium quality parts, extraordinary durability, and with great functionality using only carefully selected components that are thoroughly tested by our engineers. This is what provides our instruments and accessories with musically and artistically satisfying sound.

Scott Henderson holding one of the first Robotalks 5/14/2001

“The Robotalk 1 was designed as the first pedal to be created and it was yet to even be called Xotic, it was simply an ultra-boutique pedal, made from scratch, in limited quantities.”

The Robotalk 1 experiment was met with great success from pro and gigging artists around the world. Then in August of 2000, in order to further grow Xotic as a brand, the corporation Prosound Communications Inc. (PCI) was established as a parent company to acquire the Xotic brand. At this point, marketing of Xotic Effects finally started and the Robotalk 1 along with the Xotic guitars and basses were made in larger quantities to meet increasing demand. PCI’s main focus was exporting of other US made brands to Japan to fund the continual manufacturing of Xotic brand guitars, basses, and pedals. This was the turning point when collaborations with musical artists, to receive valuable input on the development of Xotic products and the true success of Xotic began!

“This was the turning point when collaborations with musical artists, to receive valuable input on the development of Xotic products and the true success of Xotic began!”

The very next year Prosound Communications Inc. expanded overseas to Japan. There, PCI Japan helped with importation and further sales of Xotic guitars, basses, and pedals which garnered respect as products with amazing quality of tone.

From 2002-2005, the little business grew slowly and steadily. Over those three years the Xotic AC Booster, RC Booster, and BB Preamp were introduced as the Tremendous Trio. With amazing success in the newest offerings, PCI decided to focus on Xotic as a brand and shifted all exporting to PCI Japan.

With a breath of fresh air from the new dedication to Xotic, a plethora of new basses, guitars, and effect pedals were introduced.

By 2009 Xotic's brand came to be more recognized throught the market the demand for its products became too great for the parent company PCI to stay working out of their tiny garage in San Fernando Valley. To make way for the future a change was needed and so PCI moved to its current production offices in Van Nuys, CA. From here the company was enabled to kick into overdrive and by the end of the year in the new offices Xotic released one of its best selling pedals to date, the Xotic EP Booster!

“To make way for the future a change was needed and so PCI moved to its current production offices in Van Nuys, CA.”

September 2015, from its shop in Los Angeles County, Xotic continues to design and manufacture the world’s finest guitars, basses, and pedals. Our promise to our customers is to design and make products that not only sound great but also inspire them as artists. Given the testimonials from players all over the world, it is easy to see why they count on Xotic for our history of quality, innovation, and attention to tone!

  • Robotalk 2



    Innovation and creativity came calling when the Robotalk 1 was designed and introduced by Xotic. With its random arpeggiator, envelope filter, and low-pass filter the Robotalk 1 was a hit with pro and gigging guitar players around the world. More importantly, the Robotalk 1 set a precedent that remains with Xotic today, which calls all pedals to be constructed to have musically and artistically satisfying sound.

    The Robotalk 1 was succeeded by the Robotalk 2.

  • AC Booster

    AC Booster

    September 2002

    With its distinctive yellow color, the little box roared with over 20db of boost and the ability to beef up the sound of any size of amplifier. With the addition of true bypass, treble, and bass controls, the pedal stood on its own as a force to be reckoned with, in the exploding boutique pedal market.

  • RC Booster

    RC Booster

    November 2002

    Once again, with over 20db of clean transparent boost the pedal quickly got the reputation as one of the most transparent boosts on the market, so much so that players often have multiple RC Boosters on their pedal boards.

  • BB Preamp

    BB Preamp

    January 2005

    With its bright orange color and adjustable treble and bass controls, this pedal has a range from a clean boost to a blistering overdrive. The pedal quickly garnered a reputation among players, both pros and beginners, for satisfying tones of varying musical needs.

  • Xotic Bass, model XJ-1T

    September 2008

    With features like push/pull volume knobs that allow the bass to go into passive mode for classic jazz bass sound, additional mid-frequency switches, and even an output gain control, the XJ-1T let artists dial in the bass to whatever sound needed. Additionally, the XJ-1T utilizes the cutting edge Tri-Logic preamp that helps shape each players' unique sound.

  • EP Booster

    EP Booster

    September 2009

    The EP Booster was our first foray into the mini pedal market! With a discrete FET design and low impedance output, the EP Booster provides up to 20dB of unadulterated boost with shimmering highs and lows, and no ear fatigue. This pedal also saw the introduction of internal DIP switches which lets the user choose the boost frequencies and EQ settings. All this, yet the EP Booster is still able to be powered with a 9-volt battery!

  • Xotic Bass, model XP-1T

    October 2011

    This P-Bass style came to life as a result of Xotic's relentless pursuit of acoustic-like resonance of the body and playability. Featuring medium-weight alder for solid low and low-mid range tones, an improved neck joint, and heel cutaway, significantly improve playability in higher positions. The XP-1T's neck is a hand carved C-shape and the bass embodies 2 different tones: vintage and modern.

  • SP Compressor

    SP Compressor

    October 2012

    Following the "lead" of the EP Boost, the SP Compressor was designed to be a mini pedal with a large sound. Based off of the legendary Ross Compressor of the 70's, the SP Compressor features a wide variety of compressor tones from vintage to subtle, to modern, and more. It features true bypass switching, 9-volt battery power, and incorporated internal DIP switches for attack control.

  • SL Drive

    SL Drive

    June 2013

    This overdrive pedal brings the all-time classic tones from legendary British amplifiers, the Super Lead & Super Bass, and puts them in the size of a mini pedal. With the addition of four internal DIP switches, Xotic proved once again that tone and innovation work hand in hand.

  • Xotic Bass, model XPJ-1T Chuck Rainey Signature Model

    October 2013

    Featuring an ash body with maple fingerboard, this bass is the result of collaboration between bass legend Chuck Rainey and Xotic. Combining features of XP-1T with the addition of an Xotic jazz pickup this bass has additional features that include a Hipshot Ultralite with X-Tender Key, an "A" Style Bass Bridge in brass, and active/passive electronics with mid-boost and bright switch. With all its features, the XPJ-1T is a bass designed with versatility in mind.

  • Xotic Wah

    Xotic Wah

    November 2014

    Xotic took the wah pedal, deconstructed it, and reassembled it better than ever. Continuing the tradition of innovation and tone, this wah pedal features a 20% smaller size, bias, wah-Q, treble, and bass controls, plus internal DIP switches for even more tonal possibilities.

  • RCB-V2

    RC Booster V2

    June 2016

    Xotic renews the RC Booster. The RCB-V2, inspired by the Scott Henderson RCB-SH model, now comes with an added gain channel for even fatter tones with a super transparent 20dB+ clean boost.

  • Soul Driven

    Soul Driven

    October 2016

    Xotic adds Soul Driven to the pedal lineup that features a mid-boost knob and tone knob that can be set from a super tight bottom end to “in your face” highs

  • The Future of Xotic

    September 2017

    Even now there are more products being designed in our research and development department by innovators of tone. Look forward to the future of new and exciting Xotic products!